Code of Conduct


QN EUROPE expects all Independent Representatives (IRs) to act in accordance with the principles of fairness, honesty and integrity in all activities and business processes.

This Code of Conduct is part of QN EUROPE’s Policies & Procedures and all other effective regulations and agreements to which each IR is bound. Any breach of the Code, Policies & Procedures and currently effective regulations and agreements will result in action by QN EUROPE in accordance with QN EUROPE Policies & Procedures.

The Code of Conduct explains the proper business conduct that IRs must put into practice.

In addition, QN EUROPE encourages all IRs to obtain and view the Code of Conduct of another DSA (Direct Selling Association) in their country, if possible.

It is a mandatory requirement that all IRs follow the Code of Conduct at all times.



1.1 Contact & Communication Area

An IR:

a) will at all times respect the wishes and privacy of any person when contacted by the IR by telephone from a telephone list or otherwise;
b) will never behave improperly or abusively towards any person or deal unfairly or aggressively with any person contacted or dealt with in connection with QN EUROPE or if the opportunity arises to do so;
c) will explain the possibilities and buying opportunities of QN EUROPE and the cooperation with QN EUROPE, without exaggeration, obfuscation, curiosity or misrepresentation;
d) will ensure that the highest standard of personal presentation in dress, language and documentation is maintained;
e) will abide by the provisions of the law and good manners with regard to the appropriate times and days to make telephone calls and arrangements.

1.2 Presentation of the possibilities

An IR presenting a business plan or leading a QN EUROPE training event, seminar or IR meeting will never:

a) provide false information to any person about the financial compensation available under the QN EUROPE Plan;
b) make false or misleading statements about the features of QN EUROPE products, services and programs, including their standard, quality, value, characteristics, accessories, fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability or benefits;
c) make false or misleading statements about the price of QN EUROPE products and services;
d) act in a manner that could mislead anyone as to the nature, method of manufacture, characteristics, fitness for a particular use or quality of any QN EUROPE product or service;
e) make false or misleading statements regarding any person’s need for products and services;
f) represent in conversation with any person that the financial remuneration for IRs is independent of their personal performance.
g) and will always use official literature approved by QN EUROPE, including forms, scripts and other resources.

1.3 Managing a Business

An IR must never:
a) use another’s disability or weakness, such as illness, age, frailty, lack of education or language barriers, to their own advantage;
b) actively force or solicit product orders from QN EUROPE, including the use of physical force, unlawful harassment or coercion; but will only offer to collect any orders an IR wishes to make;
c) refuse to give information about their own person and identity when asked.

1.4 Explain the business plan

When presenting or discussing the QN EUROPE business plan and its potential benefits, the IR must refer exclusively to the QN EUROPE literature and observe the following regarding the content of the business plan:

a) when making projections of profitability, consideration should be given to what an average person in the business would earn under normal circumstances;
b) if any estimates of profits are made, the assumptions on which the estimates are based must be clearly stated;
c) if there is no prior knowledge and experience on which to base expectations of profitability, this must be made clear in the presentation;

When presenting or discussing the QN EUROPE business plan, an IR must not make any false statements regarding the QN EUROPE business plan:

a) any risks that may be assumed in the conduct of the business;
b) the time an average person has to spend to run the business;
(c) the annual expenses and annual income that an average person can expect to earn in the conduct of the business and the methods of calculating them.



2.1 Authorisation limit

The authorisation of an IR is limited. You should refer any matters concerning QN EUROPE to the designated Company Representative. An IA should not intervene in a decision-making process without the express prior written consent of the company representative.

2.2 Solicitation of Independent Representatives

QN EUROPE does not condone the intentional poaching of other competitors’ IRs or IRs from other referral lines within the QN EUROPE business.


As all trademarks, logos and service marks are registered and thus owned by QN EUROPE and/or its affiliates, all written materials of QN EUROPE are protected by copyright. The use of QN EUROPE’s trademarks, logos, service marks or the publication of copyrighted material may only be made with the written permission of QN EUROPE.


QN EUROPE publishes detailed data on its products, which is verifiable, accurate and complete. An IR may not make a claim regarding QN EUROPE products or services unless it is derived from appropriate, official QN EUROPE literature and accurately reflects the information in the appropriate literature.


5.1 Commitment to ethical business conduct

An IR will:

a) ensure that all IRs in his/her group are aware of the Code and adhere to it in all their business processes and so conduct their business within the group or with IRs in public with courtesy and integrity and in a lawful manner in accordance with the Code;
b) ensure that he/she is and remains fully informed of all laws applicable to the business and the IR’s duties, including other relevant facts and public policies and regulations that may affect the business and duties;
c) remain confidential and not take unethical advantage of information that could be detrimental to another IR’s business.

5.2 Obligations of QN EUROPE

QN EUROPE will ensure that:

a) all staff conduct themselves at all times in a manner that does not adversely affect the legitimate interests of an IR and discharge their duties with courtesy and integrity;
b) IRs are well informed about laws that apply to the business and duties of an IR, as well as other important facts and public policies that may affect the business and duties, and that they comply with the resulting requirements;
c) all staff fully cooperate with and advise the IAs on all matters concerning them;
d) QN EUROPE will act in the legitimate interest of the IR and according to its capabilities.



QN EUROPE and an IR accept the Code of Conduct in full and undertake to comply with it.

6.1 Compliance

QN EUROPE and an IR ensure full compliance with the Code:

a) in the case of QN EUROPE, by the directors, officers and all other employees;
b) in the case of the IR, by the IR and his subordinates (downlines).

6.2 Administration

QN EUROPE will manage its relationships with IRs in a manner consistent with the Code of Conduct.


IR(s) may not:

a) advertise for another or on behalf of another network marketing company (MLM – Multi-Level Marketing) or for another or on behalf of another direct selling association (Direct Selling Company);
b) disclose confidential information to unauthorised persons or use it for unauthorised persons or unethical purposes;
c) discuss financial aspects of another IR’s business;
d) call on other IRs to change their level of recommendation;
e) participate in poaching or cross-lining;
f) encourage or direct another person to engage in solicitation or cross-lining;
g) use the features, literature or CDs offered by QN EUROPE to support solicitation or cross-lining.


An IR must complete all relevant parts of an application in the presence of the prospect at all times, with or without the assistance of a supervisor (upline).

8.1 Declaration to the interested party

An Empehler or supervisor (upline) must explain all the details of the application form to the prospect and complete it in the prospect’s presence so that the prospect understands that he or she is being introduced personally by the supervisor (upline) or recommender (referrer).

8.2 Application dependent on acceptance

It is at the discretion of QN EUROPE to accept the application form as a valid application and to appoint the person concerned as an IR.


If an IR becomes aware of a breach of the Code of Conduct and subsequently wishes to make a complaint, then this complaint must be made in writing and in accordance with QN EUROPE’s Policies & Procedures.


“Good business ethics starts with ME, the leader. As an Independent Representative of QN EUROPE, I will…

  • be honest and fair in all my dealings with QN EUROPE;
  • conduct all my business activities in a manner that is beneficial to my reputation as well as the good name that QN EUROPE has earned;
  • present the compensation plan accurately and honestly, making clear the effort required for success;
  • only mention realistic income opportunities and only in connection with the effort required to achieve them;
  • present the advantages of the business and information about the business according to official company literature and my own personal experience;
  • perform all duties I have as an IR and recommender, including training and supporting my subordinates (downline), to the best of my ability;
  • follow all policies & procedures pertaining to my own business;
  • strive to ensure that my downlines are satisfied with my service and management;
  • answer all questions and enquiries from interested parties and subordinates (downlines) honestly and fairly;
  • only recommend people I have developed as my own downlines and/or prospective buyers;
  • at all times encourage interested parties who have been recommended by others to also be recommended by them;
  • clarify that QN EUROPE is a network marketing opportunity where my income is directly dependent on my marketing and leadership skills and personal effort;
  • treat all interested parties, subordinates and partners with respect, goodwill and professional courtesy;
  • not entice downlines of a different referral level than mine to join my business;
  • not misrepresent the QN EUROPE business in any way;
  • not use advertising that I know may be false or misleading;
  • be fair and equitable to my downlines and partners and not participate in activities that may harm me, my business, the company and/or the industry in any way;
  • conduct myself in a manner consistent with only the highest standards of integrity, honesty and accountability, recognising that my actions as IR of QN EUROPE may have far-reaching consequences;
  • use all information on the QN EUROPE websites solely for my personal, non-commercial use;
  • not create unauthorised or illegal websites that could damage the reputation of QN EUROPE and the companies associated with QN EUROPE.

This is my promise and claim to myself, my network and my company.”