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5 Phase Air Purifier

Filters up to 99.8% of viruses, bacteria and pollutants from the room air.

– Filters 99.99% bacteria and viruses – Clean and safe drinking water – No electricity connection necessary – Easy to install – Up to 5,000 litres with one filter – Certified by NSF International to NSF / ANSI standards 42, 53 & 401 – Certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to NSF / ANSI standard P231 & P244

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The air we breathe indoors poses risks to our health, and not just since the appearance of Corona (SARS Cov 2). Indoor air contamination has long been associated with symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, lethargy, respiratory problems, sore throats, skin rashes or allergies and illnesses.

This is caused by harmful chemicals in our indoor air.
As a result, the air we breathe is polluted.
The sources of such chemicals can be, for example, our heating, furniture, electrical appliances, clothing or carpets.

Our modern way of life means that we are practically permanently surrounded by chemicals.
In addition, there are viruses, bacteria and germs that are invisible to us in the air we breathe.
As a result, we are often exposed to poor breathing air quality.

This is why the HomePure Zayn air filter was developed.
It filters these invisible dangers out of the air we breathe and transforms our home into a safe environment.


The HomePure Zayn air purifier is a 5-phase purification system that harnesses the power of ultra-plasma ions, HPP‚Āļ Electrostatic Filters and UV light. This technology can filter up to 99.8% of airborne particles, allergens, viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungi, bad odours and volatile organic compounds. The result is clean and safe indoor air.

The HomePure Zayn was developed in Switzerland, is manufactured in South Korea and is certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).


Phase 1: Pre-Filter
Removes particles such as dust, dermal particles and pollen.

Phase 2: Ultra Plasma Ion Filter
Decomposes over 99 % of all viruses, bacteria and germs within the air.

Phase 3: HPP+ Filter
Eliminates particles down to 0.1 micron, as well as viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould and dust mites. It also removes toxic fumes and gases such as volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

Phase 4: Activated Carbon Filter
Eliminates unpleasant odours, gases and vapours.

Phase 5: UV Light
Eliminates germs, bacteria and viruses that have not yet been decomposed by the Ultraplasma ion filter and HPP+ filter.

7 reviews for Zayn

  1. Brian

    This is by far the best air purifier I know and I have tried a few. It looks great, and its realy responsive. I am a smoker and as soon as I light up, Zayn will notice and the lights will change to yellow, sometimes red. After 10 minutes you won’t notice that someone smoked in the room its really amazing. Its been here for a week now and I am really happy. I also noticed that the filter does not smell, which is unusual if you’re a smoker because until now all purifiers I used smelld after just a few days. Will buy another one for my office. Its a clear 5 star produkt! Cheers! Brian.

  2. Matt G

    This thing is sooo cool. It really detects everything, when someone smokes next to it, it gets angry – red light! ūüėÄ When my girlfreind puts on parfume and walks by, it immediately reacts. Had it in my living room for a while now and decided to buy another one for my sleeping room. Had it there for a few days as I was curious and my sleep is so much better. So just orderd another one and will leave you guys this comment – well deserved. Great produkt.

  3. Mike Buhnel

    Best design – at least after my taste.
    Best equipment
    Best reaction – it really picks up everything
    Best effect – have two other systems, however here I can feel a real differenc in the air when I let it run for 10 minutes.
    So for me – the best!

  4. Noneofyourbussiness

    Yep – it’s really a nice air purifier. If your in the market trust me an get this one. Won’t regret it. Cheers.

  5. T:L:

    I really recommend this if your looking for a air purifier

  6. Je suis tr√®s heureux de l’avoir achet√©. La diff√©rence de qualit√© de l’air est clairement perceptible. Mes allergies se sont beaucoup am√©lior√©es depuis.

  7. Rosita

    Un filtro fant√°stico. Lo tengo en mi dormitorio por mi alergia al polvo y ayuda mucho. El modo nocturno es muy silencioso y la calidad del aire es mucho mejor.

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