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Visage+ Treatment Device

– Reduces wrinkle formation
– Brightens age spots
– Improvement of skin hydration
– Improvement of skin texture
– Firms facial muscles


Visage+ is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment system that combines four innovations in skincare technology to give your skin a new radiance.


Visage+ is used in conjunction with the Physio Radiance skincare range in a specially developed skincare treatment.

The electrical muscle stimulation helps to tighten the skin and promotes the elasticity of the facial muscles. By strengthening the facial muscles with light electrical impulses that can be felt as a pleasant tingling sensation, the stimulation produces a mild facelift.

During radio frequency treatment, special electrodes send radio waves deep into the skin and reach the dermis (lower layer of skin). Due to the mild warming of the tissue in the depth, fine lines are smoothed and the production of new collagen and elastin is stimulated.

The galvanic technology helps to deeply cleanse the skin by stimulating the skin cells with gentle direct current. This prepares the skin for intensive hydration so that skin care products can penetrate deep into the skin layers.

Chromo therapy is also known as colour or light therapy. It helps to soothe skin irritations and lighten the skin colour. The chromotherapy function of the visage uses 4 types of light.

2 reviews for Visage+

  1. Grace T.K.R

    This completly changed my skin for the better. Had issues with oily skin and irritations, which vanished. However the frist few days I had some reaction – my skin got red – but after 3 day I really started enjoying the treatment. used it 3 times a week more or less. Worth the money in every way!

  2. Jane B. from L

    It really has an incredible effect! Skin reacts quite a bit to treatment, but calms after a fee days.

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