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9 phase water filter

Filters up to 99.99 % of viruses, bacteria and pollutants from drinking water.

– Clean and safe drinking water
– No power connection necessary
– Easy installation
– Up to 5,000 litres with one filter
– Certified by NSF International to NSF / ANSI standards 42, 53 & 401
– Certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to NSF / ANSI standard P231 & P244

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Clean water is vital to our health. How can we ensure that our drinking water is absolutely pure when tap water is often contaminated with chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses?

Many households switch to bottled water, which is often harmful to the environment and also harmful to health due to the use of plastic. When using water filters, there is a risk that they will only remove chlorine and sediment, but in the process they will often also remove the necessary minerals from the water. The same applies to boiled tap water.

Drinking truly pure and healthy water is consequently not always as easy as one might think. For this reason, the Nova water filter was developed to filter harmful pollutants out of drinking water.


HomePure Nova is the result of over ten years of research by scientists. This unique 9-stage water filtration system filters 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, chemicals and toxins from tap water.

A coating with positive charges attracts the negatively charged DNA of microorganisms in the water, reducing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, which is the highest filtration rate for a water filter.

Nova mechanically removes microorganisms with a pore size of 0.2 microns and more, which is up to 300% smaller than the width of a human hair.


Phase 1: Sediment Pre-Filter

Effectively filters suspended solids such as rust residues, silt and sand larger than 5 microns (5/1000 mm).

Phase 2: High Performance Carbon Filter

Removes chlorine, turbidity, volatile organic compounds and other harmful chemicals. Reduces heavy metals, bad taste and odour.

Phase 3: Japanese coral sand Filter

Provides a natural source of calcium and improves the pH value of drinking water.

Phase 4: Japanese Ceramic Bead Filter

Neutralises the adverse effects of active oxygen, prevents the action of dangerous ions.

Phase 5: Infrared Beads

Supply minerals to the drinking water, help to boost the metabolism and provide a good taste.

Phase 6: Negativ-Ion Beads

Give off negative ions to the water to make it fresh and give it a better taste.

Phase 7: Antibacterial Carbon Powder

Improves the absorption of bad taste, chlorine, odour and other inorganic chemicals. Silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria inside the cartridge medium.

Phase 8: 35+ Ultratech Fiber Membrane

Removes 99.99% of bacteria and 99.99% of viruses to provide microbiologically safe and clean drinking water.

Phase 9: Antibacterial Silver Stone

Prevents the growth of bacteria inside the filter system and recontamination from outside as the silver ions (Ag+) move through the filter.

9 reviews for Nova

  1. Jenefer Rili

    After mooving into a new appartment we discovered there was an issue with the tap water due to the ancient piping in the building. A friend recommended this and I am leaving a rating -which I rarely do – because this filter has really made a difference. We can finally drink our tap water again which is such a releif because we live in this old building with 6 stories, and having to get water up here was a real hassle. Also like the fact that no electricity is needed, water and electricity just don’t go together!

  2. K.L.

    Very Good!

  3. John – UK

    Received my Nova and it did not work. Service was very kind and helpfull and sent me new one within 2 days. Things like this can happen. Water actually tastes much better now. Used to have this bitter taste, thats gone. So I’m delighted with this. Thank you for your kind assistance. John

  4. Susan NailQueen

    Installation not really for girls with freshly done nails! ; D but its a propper filter my water is not the same. Thanks for that because this saves me quite some money which I can now spend on things I like! ; )

  5. Pierre

    Best filter!

  6. Richard Desbiolles

    Bought this for a friend who lives in Egypt and he is very happy becuase before they could not drink the water from the tap. Now they have good drinking water like everyone should have.

  7. JaparZ

    Thank you Nova for solving a Problem we have been having for years. Our water was close to undrinkable. Now its like we are living in a different house. Bought a Sodastream and been enjoying fresh soda ever since. Highyl recommend this filter. Instalation was easy too.

  8. Jaques

    Le meilleur filtre à eau que j’ai jamais eu ! Merci

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